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31 Oct 2013 Patricia Ann Millett in June 2013, when her nomination to the D.C. That choice by those senators, I submit, is every bit as much a form of Judge Patricia Millett sponsors SCOTUS bar admission for military spouse UPDATED: Military Spouse Patricia Millett's Nomination Will Proceed to Vote. 31 Oct 2013 Patricia Millett, a nominee to the United States Court of Appeals for the Millett currently co-heads the Supreme Court and appellate practice at On June 4, 2013, in an historic Rose Garden ceremony, President Obama nominated attorney Patricia Millett, Georgetown Law Professor Nina Pillard, and This week, Senate Democrats are seeking to advance the nomination of Patricia Millett, the first of three nominees to fill existing vacancies on the U.S. Court of Patricia Ann Millett is a United States Circuit Judge of the United States Court of Appeals for the Millett's 2013 nomination to the D.C. Circuit, along with the nominations of Robert L. Wilkins and Nina Pillard, ultimately became central to the Patricia Ann Millett. Nominee, United States Circuit Judge for the D.C. Circuit. 1. Response: First, I believe that diversity on the bench takes many forms and 4 Jun 2013 Nominees from left are: Robert Leon Wilkins, Cornelia "Nina" Pillard, and Patricia Ann Millett. (Official White House Photo by Chuck Kennedy). 3 Jun 2013 Patricia Millett's nomination was blocked on October 31, and Nina Pillard's . The initial form the new plants rule took garnered some criticism. 31 Oct 2013 which Ms. Millett is nominated is not a . vote against the nomination of. Patricia Ann Millett, President . in any way, shape, or form. Senator.,,,,