What Is Circumcision As Per Judaism?

What Is Circumcision As Per Judaism?

As per the Jewish religion, circumcision or brit milah of a Jewish boy takes place on the eighth day of his life. The ritual is generally conducted in the morning at the home of the family. No parallel practice has been instructed for females in the Torah, and it has nothing to do with Judaism.


Circumcision was first mentioned as a commandment in the book of Genesis chapter 17 verses 10 to 14. It is meant to be an external sign of man's involvement in the covenant of Israel with the God of Israel. It also this symbolises that the children of Israel will perpetuate through him.


As per the Jewish belief, this commandment is incumbent on both the father and the son. The fathers must ensure that their sons are circumcised, while the uncircumcised adult men are obligated for getting circumcised as an adult.


A Jewish man who is not circumcised will suffer from the penalty called kareit. This is regardless of how observant a Jew you are in all the other Jewish ways. Perhaps, this penalty is the main reason why even many of the non-observant Jews get circumcised and also for the high number of adult circumcision happening today. If you want to know more about circumcising adults you should speak to a Mohel.


The Practice of Circumcision

Circumcision is treated as probably the most important mitzvah, so much so that it can be performed on any of the Jewish holidays and even on Sabbath, despite the prohibition of drawing blood on these days. However, this ceremony can be postponed if the child lacks the necessary health to undergo the procedure. In such a scenario, it will only be performed seven days after the child has been declared healthy by a physician. If this happens, then the ritual will not be performed on a Jewish holiday or Sabbath, as there is not enough reasons to violate the law of the holidays.


The ceremony is performed by a mohel, who is an observant Jew that has been trained in surgical techniques and Jewish law. Circumcisions that are performed by a physician is not considered valid even if a rabbi was present during the process. Generally it is the father and the mohel who is present during the ceremony. However, nowadays both the father and mother and the godparents are also present during the ceremony. Circumcision is considered to be one of the most important ceremonies in a family. It is generally foll is owed by a celebration. Website http://www.mohellosangeles.com/circumcision/adult-circumcision/