How Mobile Helps Chain Restaurants in Sales? An Insightful Read

How Mobile Helps Chain Restaurants in Sales? An Insightful Read

Have you ever wanted to increase sales by leveraging a mobile app? Then this article has a bunch of ideas to offer you.

Starbucks, Taco Bell, Domino's and all these yielded the finest fruit from mobile apps they developed. Ever wondered how they did it? In fact, they don’t just use it to receive orders, distribute coupons, announce new products, and facilitate rewards programs. They let their effort work on analyzing consumer behavior as well. Altogether, they got stupendous results, in the form of skyrocketed sales and satisfied customers.

Taco Bell’s customers would place an order of a big amount within a minute, which is 300% lesser than the actual time they take on the company’s website. This kind of tangible benefits are easy to get when the app is well designed and well functionalized, according to a report from ARC (Application Resource Center), which recognizes the apps of top 55 restaurant chains.

Apps offer the best-of-breed benefits for restaurant chains. Eventually, there is a great demand for mobile apps development companies in India, USA and UK who are well-known for developing best-of-breed apps.

Let’s see how exactly restaurant apps make restaurants a profitable business.

Skyrockets sales

When it comes to increasing sales, mobile app is the best tool for food outlets. Starbucks mobile app accounted for 21 percent of the total orders placed in the US in the first quarter of 2016. On the other hand, mobile app contributes to more than 50% of Dominos sales that are done through different digital channels. Taco Bell has an amazing story: The company had 20% more orders on mobiles than its outlets. Jimmy John's, Five Guys, Pizza Hut, and Moe's Southwest Grill had nearly the same amazing stories.


Engage customers

Mobile apps are good enough at both engaging customers and deeply impacting a restaurant's bottom line. Unlike websites, mobile apps can have customers’ attention throughout the day being a beautiful icon on phone screen. The next benefit I am going to tell is really amazing. Mobile app offers the convenience of adding dining preferences to Favorite Menu Items. This really rocks when you push notification about splendid offers on their favorite food. Remember just a 5% rise in customer retention could rise profits by 75%.


Restaurant reservation

Restaurant reservation is really a supreme benefit your app can offer. Customers really want it when the traffic is so hectic. Here you can push one more amazing thing as well. You can offer 100 points to his or her account for each reservation made. When it reaches 1000 points, let him/her redeem it for a certain amount of food.


Social sharing

Yummy food is what rises their love towards you. When the food is yummy, their finger will move towards sharing it on social channels like Facebook and Twitter. Eventually you will rope in more lovely customers and lovely orders.


Food ordering apps have already made the profit bigger for Starbucks and Subway. Now it is the time small restaurant chains can take big drive towards achieving big revenue through mobile app. But what makes the things big in your app journey is the mobile app development company with who you collaborate with.

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