Things You Did Not Know About Wynford Dore

Things You Did Not Know About Wynford Dore

Creativity and innovation can make the world a truly better place. Looking at problems from different perspectives can give brilliant solutions. Wynford Dore believes in the importance of creativity and initiative in helping others. The key of success of theBritishentrepreneur is the ability to think outside the box. Dore always makes sure to dedicate his time and concentration to work on each problem or challenge to come up with brilliant and functional solutions. All the time, Dore uses personal or professional struggles to come up with the best of them.

  • Who is Wynford Dore

Wynford Dore is a British businessman. He has been involved in many fields of business, as he founded, improved and sold many prominent companies. All of his business and practical achievements are famous for being remarkably creative. He has created the unique Wynfordprogramme, written books, worked on education relatedresearches. He is also an owner of a private school in Warwickshire, where he tries to apply creative learning methods on the public.

  • The early life of Wynford Dore

Dore was born on 10 June 1949 in Tongwynlais in the Taff Valley, South Wales. Being born and raised to a working class family made Dore early realize the value of work. After the family has moved and settled in Coventry, Dore managed to join King Henry VIII grammar school in this industrial city.

  • First career steps

As a young student, Wynford has developed an interest in driving various cars. He needed money to be able to keep practicing his hobby. Dore started his first independent business, which was in photography. He began his work journey before graduating his school. Dore left the school and decided not to join a university at that time. When he turned 18, he decided to keep seeking professional opportunities in the big industrial city of Coventry. He joined Jaguar Cars to work as a systems analyst. His work at Jaguar Cars helped him realize that he can make use of information technology in creatingeffective solutions for many challenges in many industrial fields.

  • Breakthroughin Dore's career

After spending 5 years atJaguar Cars, Dore decided to go for a shot for being independent businessman again. He established his second company Nullifire Ltd in 1974. At his new company, Dore worked on providing safe, aesthetic and practical solutions in fire protection solutions for buildings. The problem erupted in the first place, when the use of asbestos was no longer an option for fire protection due to health risks.Cement and mineral fiber based products were the typical and most common alternatives back then, which were not pleasant solutions. Dore's companyprovided a revolutionary solution in using fire-resistant paint technologyin all types of building including industrial, public and commercial places. Dore formedresearch centers in Coventry and Paris to conduct further studies and provide more improvements on his revolutionary solutionof fire proof paints.Wynford Dore kept his business running and growing till he decided to sell it in 1998. RPM Inc purchased Nullifire Ltdcompany. 

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