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Housing projects for students are much essential in every state to ease their accommodation problems. A similar student housing development is being planned in Henrietta on a 56 acre land to board nearly 700 students.

The project development which is accounting for 47 Million dollars was taken up as a joint venture by Morgan Acquisitions LLC and University Student living LLC.

The 300,000 square foot development is being done actively on east river road. The project is fit for living by sophomores, fresher’s, upper-class men, graduate and even international students.

Faculty and staff can avail the accommodation and get to choose from one to five bedroom apartment units.

About Robert Morgan LLC

Robert c. Morgan is the CEO and managing member of Morgan acquisitions LLC which is a part of Henrietta housing development.

The Morgan management LLC started as commercial and real estate group in 1979. Their goal is to provide quality and exceptional living space to their clients and make their housing dreams true.

Currently Morgan management has spread its activities across 14 states and has completed 34,000 housing units over 140 properties.

Like every start-up venture, they have overcome all obstacles which came in their path and rose to success with their hard work and dedication.
Robert Morgan is the driving force behind all the work. His strength, resilience, and vision helped in transforming the company into a flourishing business.

He inspires his employees and team members to work hard and make a difference in people’s lives by building dream housing projects. The team has a strong foundation and extensive knowledge of market requirements.

Their hands-on experience is what helped the company to become popular in their community. All the projects handled by them exceeded the expectations of clients and community.

Morgan LLC believes in preserving the background and culture of the construction site before planning the housing projects.
Communities developed by them help to promote the historic and cultural importance of the location. The company handles housing projects of all scales right from student housing complexes to single apartments.

Be it a ranch-style duplex or a downtown high rise, they are experts in building accommodations as per client requirements.

Their goal is to make a difference in the community with their work. They handled luxury apartments, villas, high storied building constructions and mixed-use development projects.  

Mr. Morgan earned his degree in business management from Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester. He started his career in the year 1976 in real estate development. Robert Morgan earned 30 years of experience in real estate doing different jobs like operator, developer, and owner.

Initially, he was part of his family seafood business but later joined real estate development to follow his dreams.

Robert Morgan buffalo news is headline-worthy because of all the work he has done in the past 3 decades. The firm has been the oldest in the market and is progressing well due to its ethical foundation. They dream to provide enjoyable communities to live in the dynamic business environment.