4 Ways to Enjoy Better the Outdoors

4 Ways to Enjoy Better the Outdoors


Even though spending the night outside isn’t as comfortable as in your own bed at home, this doesn’t mean that there aren’t things that you can do to improve your comfort when out in the woods. Some are simple things, some require a bit more attention, but they all only mean one thing: to give you a better outdoor experience

The camp kitchen

No matter if you’re inside of your home or out there camping, your kitchen has pretty much the same basic needs: a place to cook, a nice storing place for your tools and supplies and some cleaning options.

You may very well use a folding camp table that becomes a workstation within seconds, but you may also use some natural materials to create one.

Get some rocks, logs or tree forks to create some legs for the table, keeping in mind that you need a comfortable level for them. You may use a couple of branches, with same length, and place them parallel, about 8” apart. Some sturdy twigs cut to 20” can create the top of your table and, there you have it, a nice natural table for your cooking.

Use the trees around

On a rainy day you don’t want to spend the night on a wet ground, so you may very well stay dry and cozy over night by sleeping in the trees.

We’re not talking about the sophisticated tree houses, but some simple ways not to sleep on the ground. You need a large spreading tree and use two horizontally limbs as foundation for your “house”.

Put the branches perpendicular to the live limbs so you get yourself a nice “floor” and turn some forked branches into a guardrail all around the perimeter. Install a tarp into an A-frame above the platform so that you’re also protected from rain.

Clean it up

This may come as a surprise for many, but cleaning your place when in the outdoors is also important, especially if you are in a bear zone.

You always have to clean and not to leave any food behind, nor garbage either. Use the airtight containers and place them securely in the trees. This may be flash news to you, but animals are attracted by toothpaste, perfumes and shampoo too. It’s important to keep them in airtight containers, away from where you’re sleeping.

Better yet, create a washing station with water jug, paper towels and liquid soap. Do it all the way and hang some wet clothes on a clothesline.

Do the same things as home and get in your pj’s before going to sleep. You do want to sleep well, right?

The camp toilet

Human waste not only attracts flies and spreads diseases, but it also contaminates water sources if you’re not disposing it right.

You do need to bury the human feces at least 200ft. away from your campsite and all waterways. You should use a “cat hole” for it that is around 6”-8” deep and 4”-6” wide. You should cover it with soil and natural materials.

Staying healthy is important when camping too.