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Your voucher has been emailed to you. Please look out for this email in your inbox, check your rubbish/promotions folder and make certain to add us to your safe sender list. Lovely touch by adhering handy pockets within the window using one side. You could stick some catalogs/soft gadgets in it. Try not to stay anything heavier inside though. My Little girl absolutely adores her mocka tent. Fantastic quality. We have it setup in her room and she uses it each day. Highly recommended. For requests being delivered to California, please click here for Proposition 65 WARNING.

All the necessary teepee pieces would be supplied by the professional wedding coordinators with the full installing the tents necessary to accommodate the wedding filled with décor and furnishings; even with an exquisite centerpiece to create the right ambience for the lovely happy few and their guests. These Teepees are huge! They have provided time of play for my children and their friends. A location to hide away for some quiet time or an area to share with friends and playthings. Great quality and years onto it still looks brand new.

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I received a Montana (white color) Teepee two days and nights after placing your order it online and I am happy with the product quality. The poles are light, stable and feel durable; the cloth is thick and the stitches are done well. The window adds some light to the Teepee. Overall, it got me five minutes to put together and it looks great. Best value Teepee out there. Can't hang on to create it up in my daughter's bedroom for her birthday!!

Next, smoothly drape your canvas covering around the legs and secure the top with the snaps. Softly push each lower leg into its individual cap in the bottom hem of the canvas. Sticks. Specifically dowel. Grab yourself to the hardware store (try to avoid a certain hardware store on the outskirts of Canberra though) and pick up some timber dowel that's about 1.8m long and about 19mm diameter. It should be about $11 per piece of dowel.

We are an experienced team passionate for furniture design. We've been working in the web retail sector for over 10 years. These kinds of tepee tents place value on liveliness and excitement for those kids. Teepees are the must-have toy right now. Order right now from Amazon one of the beautiful Teepee Tents! Discover More Check out these playful hideaways that fit every budget.

I don't want to result in a major stampede or anything but…I've just discounted a really nice teepee I forgot I needed! If you are a avid Moozle follower you will know that it's very unusual to visit a Moozle teepee tent in a deal. This is because our overheads and make prices remain pretty regular (exchange rates however usually do not and are traveling us crazy right now!), we create on a small scale within Amsterdam, with a great team, quality materials and a genuine heart (we avoid unethical labour, we don't transfer from China, we don't pollute, waste products or avoid our taxes!!).