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There have often been strange human anomalies, mainly genetic, that pop up all about the globe, from conjoined twins, to extremely tall, or extremely tiny folks. But the one particular that has often fascinated me was Polydactyly, and Syndactyly. These are both congenital defects that affect the fingers and toes of humans. In other words, men and women who are born with extra fingers and/or toes. It has also been recognized to occur in the animal kingdom. Polydactyly affects the fingers and toes, and Syndactyly causes the fusing or webbing of the digits.

Which is an additional all-natural aphrodisiac. Saw Palmettoberry is used to treat men with an enlarged prostate. It works by preventing testosterone from getting converted into dihydrotestosterone, which causes prostate cells to multiply. It relaxes the smooth muscles, which improve the blood flow to the penis. The reaction soon after the surgery will differ per dog. Normally they are calm afterwards, but I do not believe that this is uncommon. I have heard of a number of dogs have behavioral changes soon after neutering, but more than time he need to unwind close to back to standard.

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