Friend can help in case of hotmail hacking

Friend can help in case of hotmail hacking

Hotmail is problem free and enhanced mail platform that is known to exist since long. Since then it has been providing the most appropriate mail services for its users. This mail platform takes well care of its users using it. It is sure that hotmail is less prone to problems like other existing mail platform but it is obvious that even a single problem right at the user end can be quite irritating and in such cases when user feel any hindrance in their normal work while using their hotmail platform they may obtain easy help from  Hotmail helpline number.

Even when hotmail is problem free, it is quite sad to know that even the most secured mail platform is not problems free. Sadly each day several accounts are hacked online on hotmail platform that are often tracked and accessed by hotmail hackers so as to enter into the hotmail mail platform to use it in an inappropriate manner. This is an attempt that is so common these days on mail accounts. On a hotmail platform once a account is being hacked it is often used to send spams mails or to get personal information stored on online hotmail account. In such cases hotmail can take necessary actions but only when it knows that your account is actually being hacked.

Once your account is hacked and you still have an access to your account you may change the password to get back complete access to your account and recover your account but sometimes if you have lost all access to your account it is impossible to instruct hotmail to take any actions and in such cases the friends feature of outlook can help. Call our toll free Hotmail contact number 0800-098-8424

A neat tool is "My Friend's been hacked!" This lets you tell the service that someone or some entity has taken over a friend's account and your friend need assistance for getting the account back. So if your account is hacked and you do not have any way to get into it you may tell your friends to request hotmail to take action for you. This Outlook feature let you have strong protection which is quite superior.

So in such cases when your account has been hacked your friends can be helpful for you on outlook platform but in case you need easy help to this you may obtain easy help from Hotmail support number.

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