Cool Must-have Chrome Extensions for your browser

Cool Must-have Chrome Extensions for your browser

You would rarely find a person who wouldn’t agree about Google Chrome being the best browser ever launched. Integration of Google services with our lives has significantly changed the way we perceived technology just a few years back. And now that Google has infused Chrome with the same sort of connectivity, going back to Mozilla or Internet Explorer doesn’t sound very compelling. Not only Google Chrome has great functionality, it also has some of the coolest features like in-built web apps, extensions, exclusively optimized pages and much more. Among these, extensions or add-ons are the tools that can be downloaded and added to the browser. There are a lot of things extensions can do, so you cannot really categorize them on the grounds of what they offer.

Currently, a large number of people use Chrome extensions to simplify tasks like making notes, finding tags, locating places and all. And this is why, just like mobile app development companies india, web development ones have also identified the potential in Chrome extensions.

Enough of the big talk. We know you are already itching to try the best Chrome extensions available out there; you just don’t know which ones. Don’t worry, here’s a list of the coolest Chrome extensions you can start using right away:


Sick of remembering passwords? Stop bothering yourself and let LastPass handle it for you.

LastPass is a free password manager tool that can be found on Chrome Web Store. With LastPass, the only password you will have to remember is the master password. All the other passwords you have for websites, wallets, social media etc., are saved by LastPass and are accessible with one password.

The extension facilitates quicker login and logout, and can be useful for people who have multiple accounts on the web.


There are times when you want to note something down quickly, and wish you had a quicker tool than notepad that’s not good for anything. NoteAnywhere has exclusively been built for those times. Just launch the extension from the icon in the Chrome bar to open an instant window, which allows you to note anything and everything. You can also drag it put it anywhere on screen. The good thing about the extension is that it can be used for quick notes, reminders, and events, many other functions that make small tasks easier.

Just Not Sorry

Some people are experts when it comes to writing emails, letters, and other important official texts, while some are not. For Chrome, it just doesn’t matter as it makes sure everyone can write official texts like a pro, using ‘Just Not Sorry’. The extension works with Gmail and Inbox, and marks mistakes or undermining phrases. This help one to write better emails and letters, every single time.

Earth View

Beautify your boring Chrome browser with incredible pictures from Google’s satellite view coming in from Google Earth’s official software. Earth View extension simply fetches satellite images from Google Earth software and gives you a new Chrome background every time you start your browser. If for some reason you don’t like the picture, you can restart the browser to get a new one. But then an easier way to get a better one is by refreshing the page by simply pressing F5 button.

Google Dictionary

Problem with vocabulary? Well, that is not a problem at all. With Google Dictionary extension one can easily find word meanings, thesaurus, synonyms, antonyms, contextual usages and much more. The extension is readily available on the tool bar above and can be used on any web page. Offering great utility for avid readers and students. Needless to say, the extension has been among the most popular Chrome extensions.

Looking at the popularity of extensions, desktop game development companies are also building game extensions that are quick entertainers, without occupying internal space on desktops. In future we may get to see mobile app developers building extensions for the Android version of Chrome as well.

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