The Power Of Music

As time moved on, and from other sections of my trip I might be transported by listening to some songwhen I had been doing different things. This would be the case with artists like Steven MacDonald or Loreena McKinnett or Stevie Nicks. It is similar to it assisted in connecting me the real aspect of all, to different portions of myself that I am, or occasionally only an energy present that my soul resonated with. The stories that they shared through their songs started threads of my own stories that I share, my webpage and could hear from. Have you ever allow audio transfer you to a different space? Have you ever had audio unlock your inner muse? Have you attached to your true self or experienced dreams whilst listening to music? 1 artist I have really connected with lately is Ariana Saraha. Her songs resonates nicely with this time of year as much as the transition into Scorpio it's layers, thickness, hidden mysteries, profound inner truths, is willing to be a travel embracing several aspects of items from our internal Gypsy, the adopting of this female creatress, honoring the Earth, chants and mantras that maintain us profoundly connected, and the muse and siren that enchants us to associate with all that's magickal also called our deeper truth. It has layers of mystery, passion, and intent that is spiritual. How will you honor this year? When was connected with all these aspects of yourself? Are you willing to respect Muse and the Gypsy without controlling it, within taking a journey; but in the spirit of exploration and spiritual relationship? Now when I interweave this together with the seasons and turning of this calendar year, I find several kinds of music resonate. I find that artists style or sound joins with one time of this year more so; while an artist can have music to listen to each of the year through. Part of this is how they connect with aspects or various seasons of the year. I know for myself, I could think of many journeys I have taken while meditating to music. I remember in learning to perform and could experience the setting that the songs shared. When delving into this space, I discover or obtain insight which I had been delving to and would open the door to my muse. From time to time, it shared with me deeper workings in the universe's fact and a bit of myself. That can be a time of year that is about transparency on profound inner levels. A time for us to shift towards our worlds and consider what it is time to let go of and time to reevaluate and time to make. It is a time that beckons us to honor our profound spiritual passion and purpose; to be willing share it and to bring forth it and also understanding what it is. It asks us to trust from the journey; and the Divine Source that walks with us. It is a time which reminds us to act from deep spiritual purpose rather than driven by the material universe. Oftentimes, I could feel that this inner stirring that attached me to my own magick or true self. My hair would pick up and blow back without a breeze present. It was a dance of energy moving through me, that was like an awakening within my essence.