Introduction to Anatase Titanium Dioxide Powder

    Titanium Dioxide is found white, opaque and naturally existed mineral in two main forms: rutile and anatase. Both forms of titanium dioxide need to be purified from raw minerals to get pure applicable rutile and anatase titanium dioxide. Anatase Titanium Dioxide is white powder, insoluble in water-soluble heat strong acid and alkali, chemical performance stability,high tintreducing power and hinding power.

     Anatase Titanium Dioxide can be widely used in paint printing ink, paper, plastic, rubber, artificial fiber, PVC pipe, plastic profile, masterbatch, rubber shoes, appliances and other industries.What’s more, Anatase Titanium Dioxide applies in interior-wall latex painting, inner decorative painting, road paint, powder coating, primer paint, rubber, paper, leather, soap, glass, ceramics, enamel and fiber.In addition, Anatase Titanium Dioxide is the universal pigment, particularly recommended for coating, rubber, ink and papermaking, etc.

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