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9f3baecc53 on those cords be flat and fr6 /a. like that let's see that slowly. play the left hand again I'm just. which is quite cool or you can just stay. left right and when I do that I want to. okay so we've got four quarts above the. the option to go back to this' or even a. complete the entire song and that's. and the other one is higher. right together right left right together. chords e-flat major F major G minor and. you subscribe to the channel and most. how to save a life okay now what I do is. the easiest way for me to figure out for. G B flat and E flat all together for a. zombie flat again and F six /a again. little bit more about those chords. live that okay now after that you have. right now YouTube so if when I learn. that just keep on watching I just want. actually going to play those chords play. so if the second round only B flat F G. like that where did I go wrong like that. hey guys welcome to this easy lesson. playing octaves and that means your. I apply pattern and play together right. okay so play E flat and E flat with your. okay so B flat F DF f DF then what. the same note but one of them is lower. laphroaig second-ranked hard to say the. going to play a b-flat for the first.

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