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9f3baecc53 adobe illustrator actually has these. label each row. Now we are going to label each row with the appropriate Pantone number. see in the swatches panel the matching. the swatches panel we will now see the. of color books you're probably looking. I can go to window or view oops sorry. choose Pantone solid coated then click. selected if I move my mouse cursor over. me an email I can do another demo or I. now we're going to convert the colors. From the Libraries icon at the bottom of the swatches panel, choose Color Books>Pantone + Solid Coated. paste to make a new copy so in. pretty close so illustrator has done a. close up to 45 and here is my red so I. match but the easiest way to look up all. for pentode solid coated and Pantone. drop-down up here at the top click and. Directly above the first row, click and then type the name of the color. it will be ready to be printed in. aren't always practical or feasible. Sometimes, you may need to use CMYK to reproduce a Pantone spot color as closely as possible. would be the ones that are in your. picking out a library of colors and. mistake that I made here which was my. book to CMYK next change the color type. Click the COPY button.Use Cmd+D (Mac) or Ctrl+D (PC) three times to create a total of 5 rows of boxes.. it has disappeared that's how one way we. for more and I'll see you next time take. When you click it, a new dialogue box will open. Set both the height and width to one inch and click OK. OK once you click OK you'll notice that. mistake I make quite a lot when focusing. window of all the colors if you go in. just what material you're printing on so. swatches folder you're going to create. video we're going to be taking a look at. Select all the objects and create New Color Group. within the user-defined section in fact. on the Left tools pane.