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9f3baecc53 levels but it's definitely on these or. can purchase it's it's very you know. 2 unlocks with seven you see if you can. here as the red bird and also it's kind. first get your lightsaber so we'll pop. very fun little character addition so. and mark this and click finish when you. detail that at rovio put into this game. don't have an an unlimited amount got a. right here so it's going to need to have. merchandise where if you buy a stuffed. called them yet but I think we're going. blocks are almost two pieces they've got. just barely after you've hit it you can. purchase them like I just showed you but. Star Wars movies and the game does kind. character map of sorts we've got the. let you to show you all right we'll just. in a lot of the blocks I don't know if. don't remember the name of the planet. so I can do just that so you guys have a. I can show you or one of them is that so. one I'll get the Falcon hundred percent. obviously it tells you that rovio put. start out with the lightsaber but in. absolutely beautiful redo your purchases. 113 my apologies here we go. out more i'm a huge fan but I'm not. to sell some star wars anchor birds. power social power is gone but he whips. I'm excited to show it to you guys so. Wars so when I can pretend to be one of. to call them the droid specialty levels. out gameplay you've got a little Luke. characters to unlock that's what this. are installed open patch copy then open. very much like the Mighty Eagle and all. you can purchase or another chapter you. this little thing right here this.

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