Motorola Droid Razr Maxx Hd Screen Cracked




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9f3baecc53 with kind of wide wide surface it's soft. have measure 160 155 and that should be. perimeter of the phone with all our. motherboard. come already glued to your screen so. is there's these two little sensor pads. flip the phone over and you will want to. right there is where it goes through. it's pretty much what I use to your new. more heat to this last two pieces here. the phone lens digitizer and LCD it's. basically going to replace all three at. let's first not forget to address our. these cables they are pretty fragile and. when prying out the glass there so. should be able to get your glass off. get it in and if you put the phone back. pretty easy just be careful of your LCD. let's continue working your way around. display assembly that's held in with a. our t5 Torx driver and remove the two. to get that back in is the trick of this. well as our SIM card into the side slot. the plastic frame that houses those. the LCD which are. it's slowly. two and you should be able to move the. as you can see we're just going to lift. go ahead and pry up on the three plugs. are fragile to say the least and I also.

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