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9f3baecc53 then NK so that's how it should look. run DLL 32 XE and then I want to do. off or something like that okay this is. up there so let me just reboot the. hopefully we should have now 30 days. load this command prompt window up in. when you reboot the system and what I. this is what you're greeted with you. Explorer will show up now you type in C. small row will put this in the. so let's have a little look at the run. left on our trial there you go we've. going to see more videos like this then. around it anyway. if you go to my forums you'll see a few. on how to bypass the windows product. begin trouble to actually activate your. that subscribe button chase a book it's. desktop we can now close this window or. again keep tapping f8 on the keyboard. now you can minimize this you get with. phanie you can see where you have all. inter like so then we're going to reboot. safe mode with command prompt and then. okay please remember guys write in. so what going to do is reboot into safe. product key and you can't get your data. windows level / and explore dot e x e. that one command and then went back up. register our product key the proper way. in Windows XP this window you press s. again and you can use your but if you. see and I'll make that video for you. window now the still in safe mode as you. close this as you can see it will be. as you can see it's loaded up the. the e button so now this will appear. be pushing FA on my keyboard to enter.

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