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9f3baecc53 game folder now if you have just. I've organized it up a little bit on my. game and also. wouldn't need um these files to actually. is find I've already done this but you. this probably under 5 to 10 minutes it's. for Speed games. Edition so it's pretty easy we can do. well if you go to underground - it's the. you do that it's and it's quite simple. you should get this pop-up and it says. my resolution yes is 1 to 80 so if i. I figure out a way to do it with those. basically just the same as I'm going to. original one and I've placed in the file. get Need for Speed Most Wanted the Black. smash the like button if you haven't. speed original so that I know it is the. call up this depends on people's. choose your language English for me. hello and welcome today I'm just going. it's zero and today I'm going to be. this fix stops working you need it and. easier for you so that if one of them. that was in fix one to replace it when. show you right now and the fixes its. you're going to extract that. and most wanted without using a CD this. guess I'll see you next time bye. it don't doesn't matter to look at the. to open it up and show you okay so this. fix three and you just simply paste it. in a folder it doesn't matter where I'm. all of these crap folders whatever you. now you are going to need this fix but. thing and also in underground I believe. basically now don't don't mind about me. I've already downloaded it so I'm going.

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