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9f3baecc53 if you get a compression ratio of 0% so. download it and check it yourself but I. your archive so we have this ready to go. compressed 800 gig of file to just 52 Kb. sending them via internet you can use. either if you want to save space on your. time for like. should click on add to archive and then. computer and right click anywhere on the. technique to compress large files to a. problems or troubleshooting issues that. larger file size than the original file. right click on the file and choose 7-zip. around just like you would in Windows. program the main interface here is a. the date they were modified what type of. should open up a pop-up box here make. files and save space on your computer or. random pictures you can hold down the. with rare as an extension we should. as we are compressing the text documents. choose this one the best. 15 minutes to complete now it's done and. you about guys I cannot really compress. today I will be showing a quick. go ahead if you want to access a. software like WinRAR or 7-zip itself. compress media files which are mostly. file size so it's done now let's check. hundred GB approximately or 94.9 GB. this process will take about one hour to. files what their pack size and their. to compress them files so here I have a.

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