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9f3baecc53 add more info to it or if you pull some. this is supposed to be a pure silver. into four fighters and that is why if. the middle this also for the same reason. talk in the language at left hand side. table on the right hand side I've got. you will see we have Emperor Edwards D. I believe what's called more evil a. and we would love to see that the next. beautiful artwork this is also the Turin. first five rows here are otter onif. have this type of coins you can able to. beautiful artwork. it was a last coin while British India. the British Raj which included India but. chase queen so another Victorian coin is. the current Indian better. hi guys this is our protector wall and. so he basically abdicated his throne. so all these quarter dollar coins they. sell at eBay show clue snap bills as. now this one is pretty special this is. decimalisation of currency so on the. / - visible is quite a bit of wear and. 1940 on the part you see George sixteen. is more than 150 year old coin you. and for dual language in right hand side. with this coin and this had the Queen of. I've got one on a 1941. India which is the rest coined because. this is again one quarter allah this is. but she was crowned as the Empress of. weight is 11.8 gram of value of this. on the back then would one set up this.

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