Application of Nonionic Surfactant Series

     The nonionic category of surfactants are chemical structures that contain active molecules with no electrical charge. Unlike molecules with surface properties due to a positive (cationic) or negative (anionic) charge, nonionic surfactants do not react with other ions. As a result, they do not form insoluble salts, can be used in strong acidic solutions and tend to have low toxicity profiles.n a nutshell, nonionic surfactants are utilized in formulations for their resistance to water hardness deactivation, excellent grease removing capabilities, preferable environmental and safety profiles, and compatibility with other surfactants.

      Nonionics are found in everyday products used in households, including personal care items, cosmetic formulations and laundry and dish detergents, as well as commercial scale industrial applications in environmental protection, paper processing and thin films. Depending on the application, a nonionic surfactant will often serve  a specific purpose in the formulation. For instance, they are used as defoaming aids in automatic dish washing, oil recovery agents in clean up operations, and wetting and dispersing agents for soil and turf treatment.

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