All You Need To Know About Split Level House Renovation In London

All You Need To Know About Split Level House Renovation In London

Currently, the most popular type of house renovation is the split level house renovation.  This renovation is a type of project performed to a finished, unfinished, or partly finished area opening up the main floor, updating the kitchen, or adding bathrooms to the main area.  The majority of people opting for a split level house renovation in London use this project to create more space in the main floor area of a split level building.  This article will offer information on split level house renovation to ensure the project is completed correctly.

The Walls And Space

When performing a split level renovation in London by builders, it is important that the correct construction is completed and this is why Proficiency builders should be hired.  For example, if a person desires more space in the split level home it is essential that the walls removed are not load-bearing walls.  By removing a load-bearing wall, you will be placing the building in structural jeopardy and at risk of falling.

The Placement Of Plumbing when refurbishing property

Another reason why many people opt for split level house renovation in London is the desire to add a bathroom to the home.  Split level buildings tend to offer two opportunities for bathroom additions.  One opportunity involves the addition of a half-bathroom or powder room to the main living area.  This is considered highly convenient and comfortable, particularly for guests and any elderly or disabled tenants.  

Of course, determining the location of the new bathroom can be challenging as the bathroom needs to be placed close to current plumbing.  By using the existing plumbing, the renovators will not be required to supply or remove many pipes.  However, the effectiveness of this renovation is dependent on the building's floor plan, and this may not be possible if the location of pipes is not in the correct position.  For example, if the lower level does not have plumbing it may not be possible to run pipes without making the lower level of the house unusable.

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Final Words on Renovation

While split level home renovation in London is possible, it does present with various unique challenges to the remodelling team.  It is important that the individuals have a creative eye to design, engage in careful planning paying attention to detail, and assess if the changes you wish to make are possible based on the current structure.  By using these details, it is possible to determine if you are able to engage in a split level house renovation.

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