Home Improvement :: The Beauty of Concrete Stain

Concrete is a common building material for paths, retaining walls, floor slabs and precast concrete walls and beams used in commercial construction. One disadvantage of concrete is that it is highly porous this means it will discolour easily and will show water, dirt and other damage. A solution to enhance the appearance of both new and existing concrete is the application of a concrete stain.

Concrete stain is not a paint it is a chemical reaction with the cement materials penetrating the concrete and thus provides a long-lasting colouring solution that resists fading or scratching and won't peel. Traditional concrete stains are created by acid etching of concrete. This involves a water-based solution of hydrochloric acid and inorganic salts which reacts with minerals and lime in the concrete aggregate, and as a result colouring occurs. The colour profile appears like marbling with brown and green tones with a natural variation caused by the combination reaction with the concrete.

It is quite difficult to achieve a professional result without the help of an experienced contractor but acid etching is long-lasting and can be applied to new or old concrete. Typically acid staining is used on concrete floors and then a sealer is applied to further protect the concrete.

Modern concrete colour staining offers a lot more versatility but effective applies a similar chemical reaction to allow the stain to penetrate unsealed concrete and react with the surface to form a deep and permanent colouring. The real beauty of modern stain is the vast array of colours and effects that can be achieved providing an almost unlimited colour palette plus precisely controlled colour variation to achieve a natural effect.

Newlook concrete Stain offers stains that can be combined with a two-part coating such as epoxy, polyurethanes or acrylic sealers or a solid colour stain that requires no sealer. The solid colour stain can be used on concrete slabs, vertical surfaces, concrete blocks, pavers, imprinted concrete, exposed aggregate, and most cementitious surfaces. It can be used with stencils or sand-blasted to achieve patterned effects on both interior and exterior concrete. A further translucent enhancer can be applied to achieve a natural tint or aged effect.

Nawkaw stain penetrates concrete, cladding and masonry walling surfaces to provide a long-lasting weather and UV resistant colouring solution. Nawkaw can be used to restore discoloured or faded concrete and masonry and can be colour matched to existing colour schemes. It penetrates the substrate bonding with the structure and thus will never crack or peel like paint.

Concrete stain is a superior colouring method for concrete and masonry resulting in a durable, weather resistant and attractive concrete finish. Unlike paint it will not crack or peel and provides a smooth, breathable permanent colour to both interior and exterior concrete or masonry walls, floors and precast structures.