The Job of a Roll former

Roll forming is the process of bending metal sheets to form the desired cross-sectional profiles. It is a continuous operation that involves a series of stands where each stand is a set of rolls. Each of the stands puts a little amount of pressure on the formable sheet until the last one produces the desired profile. One roll forming machine (also called as roll former) can produce a specific cross-section. A roll forming mill that produces different cross-sectional profiles out of the sheets has different sets of roll tools. Roll forming is gentle on the material, so the tools undergo the minimum of stress and there is no big wear on them during the roll forming process.

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Roll forming useful especially in the production of large volumes of long-length parts that are further used to make automobiles and other construction materials. Roll forming is an exact operation that requires a huge amount of machinery costs. Therefore, computer simulation is done to show the accurate values and validate the design of roll stands. This, in turn, reduces the number of rolls needed for the entire roll forming procedure.

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