What is an Oxygen Concentrator and How Does it Work

These kinds of oxygen concentrators are used in commercial airlines also, as they provide emergency oxygen to passengers from the pressure drop in the cabin. Though they are not used in the cockpit or for the cockpit crew, they are placed above each and every row in an airplane. In case of decompression, the panels are either opened automatically by the automatic pressure switch or by a manual switch. Pressing the switch releases the masks. Once the passengers pull down the masks, they remove the retaining pins that trigger oxygen production. In the core, the oxidizer has sodium chlorate that is mixed with less than 5 percent barium peroxide, and less than one percent of potassium perchlorate. Lead styphnate and tetracene are mixed, and they form the explosive in the percussion cup. The chemical reaction that occurs is exothermic, and the temperature of the canister reaches well above 260 degrees C. This process produces oxygen for about fifteen to twenty minutes. The Oxygen Concentrators for Hire diameter of the two-mask generator is usually 63 mm or 2.5 inches, and is 223 mm or 8.8 inches long, whereas, the diameter of the three-mask generator is 70 mm or 2.8 inches, and length is 250 mm or ten inches long.