Introduction to Hydroxy Silicone Oil

     Hydroxy Silicone Oil is colorless transparent liquid with excellent electrical insulating properties and resistance to high temperature. Hydroxy silicone oil is a kind of polysiloxane that is transparent, tasteless and odorless oily liquid with high hydroxide radical content, low viscosity, etc. It is a kind of structure-proof agent in organic rubber manufacture.Hydroxy silicone oil is the hydroxy terminated polydimethylsiloxane, therefore it has the special performance brought by the lively hydroxyl.Hydroxy silicone oil can not be mixed with high temperature water vapor, acid/alkali substances, alkoxysilanes, otherwise there is a tendency curing and viscosity changes.

     Hydroxy silicone oil is widely used in various fields.The medium-high viscosity of the product can be used as a paper based of anti- adhesive agent, the cured film has excellent anti-sticking effect, such as the label backing paper, asphalt wrapping, sealing tape base paper, decor paper end paper processing. In the electrical power industry ,Hydroxy silicone oil acts as the main component insulating paint or a component of the insulator. It also used as a condensation-type RTV silicone rubber based adhesive and diluted material, such as sealants and plastic mold base material. Moreover, Hydroxy silicone oil can alter dimethyl silicone oil, and easy to emulsify.

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