5 Clever Uses of LinkedIn for Unique Customer Experiences

Social media marketing has been a vital part of marketing any business. with the launch of various social media apps, only few could actually be a success and has been a great help for business. Facebook is the most used social media platform with a huge and massive audience and helps in promoting and marketing businesses.

Other various platforms include Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, etc.

Our Experience at Webtraffic.agency, There is one more unique social media platform that is only made for B2B marketing. a B2B business can use this platform to its full advantage and gain brand image, leads, sales, etc.

One of the most important things that matter nowadays to businesses is unique customer experiences.

Today, it is essential to understand and will go through five uses of LinkedIn for unique customer experiences that these brands have been doing.

1.    KFC

KFC’s marketing strategies are noteworthy. They have been using various social media platforms in a creative way to connect with their fans and build an image.

KFC’s marketing face is the founder, Colonel Harland Sanders. KFC has created a profile on LinkedIn with his name and picture and has described his past and his story in a very humorous way. They have mentioned the different jobs in did in his impressive 100+ years of career and how he became the founder of KFC.

This impresses and engages the audience in a creative way.

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2.    Virgin Atlantic

Virgin Atlantic used a very creative way to promote their Premium Economy amenities. They thought of using LinkedIn to post this promotion about getting a dream job to become their Freelance Flyer. The participants were asked to tell them why they deserved this position in 1000 or more words and there was a prize that gave a round trip to London or England.

3.    20th century Fox

There was a movie of Liam Neeson called Taken 3 and 20th century Fox did a great job in promoting it on LinkedIn. The idea was to get professionals on LinkedIn a chance to boast about their skills and get a video endorsement by Liam himself. There was a profile created on LinkedIn that is no longer active.

4.    L’Oréal

In festivity of achieving 300,000 adherents on LinkedIn, L'Oréal adopted a one of a kind strategy to enacting its group with another campaign named "Are You IN?". With the objective of situating L'Oréal as the best work environment, the organization made a visual path for its group to share an "IN word" and "IN minute" that portrays themselves crosswise over Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Great ten IN minutes were shared on the L'Oréal organization page toward the finish of this creative campaign.

5.    Fruit of the loom

Beginning another employment is an energizing time for everyone. To commend the "new beginnings" of experts on LinkedIn, Fruit of the Loom propelled a campaign named the Fresh Gigs, where the organization contacted 25,000 individuals who changed occupations or increased new work inside a 30-day time window in order to offer them a corresponding pair of underwear.

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