Tips To Buy The Right Lift Chairs In Bucks County And West Chester

Taking care of an elderly can pose a number of physical challenges and among them the greatest problem is to help that person to get in and out of chairs. This can be an all the more challenging task if the elderly adult is obese or the caregiver is not in the best physical shape. In such cases, a lift chair can be of great benefit as it can help to take the strain off while also offering comfort for the loved one.

Lift chairs are available in various designs and features and thus it becomes a bit difficult for an individual to choose the right lift chair. However, one can certainly go through the following points to choose the best lift chairs in Bucks County and West Chester:

  • As lift chairs can be of various types one should select the one depending on their need. Most chairs will work with weights up to 375 to 450 pounds. Before making the final buying decision, it is important to evaluate a number of different models and, if possible, try out each model to ensure the covering feels good, controls can be operated easily, and that the person feels comfortable in it.

  • The next most important thing that needs to be considered is whether the lift chair fits the person using it appropriately. The lift chair should not be too big or else the feet will not be able to reach the floor when the chair is in the elevated position. If the chair is too small, then the lower back may not get the right support. Therefore, when buying a lift chair, one must go through their specifications thoroughly to understand the kind of heights that it can hold. In addition to this, one should also check the weight capacity that is listed for every lift chair.

  • Spacing is also an important thing to consider when it comes to buying a lift chair. As a general rule, the further the lift chair can lie down, the extra space it will require. Space is also needed behind the chair so that it can recline completely and also in front for the foot rail when it is elevated.

  • The upholstery of the lift chair comes in several varied materials such as faux leather and leather. Although one should primarily choose the lift chair that look attractive but they should consider other important reasons as well. For instance, those who have the tendency of sweating a lot should opt for a faux leather lift chair while those who want a chair that is easy to clean can choose leather lift chairs.

The addition of a lift chair to the home is a great idea for making the seniors feel more comfortable while also lowering the risk of caregiver for getting back injuries while lifting and pulling that person up.