Blog Management and "Ghost" Posting

Is YOUR business harnessing the power of blogging? A business blog offers numerous benefits for businesses.

For one, it helps to reinforce your business brand identity. Business blogging puts the prospective customer into the mind of the business, so to speak, so that you can continue to reinforce your company’s unique selling proposition and thereby differentiate yourself from the competition.

A business blog enables you to build relationships with both current and prospective customers and immediately address any concerns they may have. Finally, with blogs business can engage in targeted advertising. Business blogs tend to be specific to particular niches, and thus attract prospects most likely to buy a certain product or service.

Our business blogging management and posting services accomplish the strategic objectives of improving your search engine rankings, using the same keyword-based methodology we use for article writing and all website content creation.

Blogs hold a unique advantage, however, since they are updated regularly. The search engine algorithms look at how current a web page’s content is in determining how to rank it in the search engine results pages. Post to your blog daily, or even weekly, and you will climb higher and higher in the search engine results.

We build on the success of Wordpress, the popular blog development environment, to promote optimal SEO management as part of all our corporate blog development. This will enhance the ranking of your corporate business blog in the search engines and therefore make the most of promoting your company in the ever-increasing important sphere of blogging.

Business blogs make use of other unique SEO friendly features as well, such as the use of blogrolls in addition to traditional backlinks. While backlinks point back to the blog from other sites, blogrolls are simply lists of links on a blog that point to other weblogs. The use of blogrolls increases link strength and garners higher rankings in the search engine results pages.

Add keyword rich content and titles to your blog, and you can see why blogs are a powerful tool for search engine optimisation.
Our Blog Management and Posting services include :

1 Blogging
2 Ongoing SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)
3 Strategic Link Building Program (including reciprocal linking & link submissions) to increase the popularity and relevance of your business blog to the search engines.

Corporate blog sites are a formidable marketing tool and can help increase and maximise your online presence. Let us get you started on business blogging today.