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The character Mario took a small Nintendo firm in Japan and made it into a Super Nintendo Company, nearly overnight. The Mario game created the Nintendo one of the most preferred and appreciated games of all time. One of the greatest versions of Mario has been Super Mario 3.

The princess is retained captive eight worlds apart from the enemy, Bowser. Mario must journey through all the tough times and rough weather to accomplish the princess and save her.

The whole journey is fun and intriguing. To cross every world you have several challenges to confront. The challenges are simple to tackle by using the assistance available, like mushrooms to make you grow bigger, or even walking time bombs which you can throw at your enemies.

Boo Diddly is one character that appears at many phases in the castle. Do not stare at these characters as they could get close and attack you. It is best to prevent them and run as fast as possible.

The Power-up procedure can help the small Mario shoot up and become a powerful Super Mario. There are circumstances which you have to be strong and immune to attacks, which is when becoming the strongest Mario is very important. To turn into the giant Mario, you have to consume the Mushroom that comes your way. The mushrooms come after dividing up the bricks throughout the sport. You can even eat on the foliage to add to your super Mario suit.

A neat tool you may utilize is your Koopa Shells that keep you covered from the enemies. Catch any turtle shells you encounter, and use these to attack your enemies. Dry Bones that appear in your way allow you to fly and bounce along, thus providing you the ability to fly over enemies.

Super Mario has always been among my favourite games. In case you haven't played Super Mario yet, it's time to find a copy and revel in the fun.

If you enjoyed playing Mario 64 back in the afternoon, you're really going to love it today. A new generation is being exposed to the classic game, thanks to its availability for Nintendo DS. Regular play starts as Yoshi and doors have been unlocked so that you may eventually become Luigi, Wario, and Mario. Every one of these characters possesses particular abilities and all will be needed to find the 150 Power Stars hidden in the castle grounds. The touch screen and the stylus permit you to command all characters in Adventure mode. If you would like to play with you to three other buddies, switch to Wireless Versus mode and heating up the contest.

The game includes an E for Everyone score.

Traditional game for Nintendo 64 comprises new features for improved play Nintendo DS platform

Play as Mario, Luigi, Wario, or Yoshi

Each character possesses different abilities

150 Power Stars contained in castle grounds for gamers to discover

Compete with up to 3 other gamers in Wireless Versus mode using just one game card

As play continues, you can acquire touch-sensitive mini-games


Mario 64 reinvented in a great way

Helpful map on the bottom screen

Makes great use of the touch screen

Great graphics



Frustrating camera management

Controller scheme is sometimes Hard


Super Mario 64 DS is here, once more letting you play the much-loved Mario game on a handheld device. This isn't just the classic game on another platform, it's totally been overhauled. You begin playing as Yoshi but your abilities allow you to become Mario, Wario, and Luigi when you unlock doors. Learn more about the castle grounds to locate the 150 Power Stars awaiting you to unlock them. Through play, multiple mini-games might be unlocked, adding to the value of this purchase.

Whenever you're ready to play against your friends, input Wireless Versus mode. You can use one game card to wirelessly compete with as many as three friends. Previous buyers rate