It’s reasonably-priced! you could choose up one of these for properly underneath $50.


whilst it’s inexpensive, it’s more strong than other finances options. lots of different finances spray guns are made with lots of plastic components, and rattly creation. The Astro has fantastically solid body production with a simple, no-frills design.


The few additives it does have are almost all metallic, fitting with our primary philosophy: it’s higher to have fewer functions and to have them all work well than to have many features and bad capability!


it works properly for laying thick coats, that is what you need with latex. That’s as it contains HVLP elements with out requiring an additional valve. The particular air valve design self-adjusts the inlet, so you don’t need a further aspect.


It sprays at a lower pressure and better quantity than conventional compressor guns, which locations the emphasis on output in place of best atomization. With latex, you don’t miss the dip in atomization first-class tons, and you could escape with fewer coats.


maximum HVLP-style weapons which might be constructed to in shape preferred compressors require an adjustment valve to take the strain down and increase the quantity earlier than the air hits the gun.


That’s not necessary with this one, so that you can save money and bdd5b54adb3c84011c7516ef3ab47e54. The Astro runs at 50-60 psi, in which others run among 30-forty psi, which does require that additional valve (see the Campbell-Hausfield set under).


even though it doesn’t have notable atomization for great finish paintings, it’s still exact for all-purpose tasks. you may easily spray another substances, though you’ll want special tip full-sizes to get the nice results. The Astro will come up with excellent outcomes with stains, lacquers, and enamels, furnished that you skinny safely and make changes to the settings.


Spray tips are rather cheap and easy to change, as you’d need on a budget gun. The 1.8mm tip that comes pre-mounted must be all you need for latex, know-how if making a decision to department out, you could add on your series as you pass with no need to buy an entire new gun.


The Astro has a totally-adjustable fan manage, accomplishing up to eight” at an 11” distance. That’s enough to cowl ground decently rapid, with out making the device unwieldy.


There’s also a pressure/output adjustment knob on the way to adjust the glide itself. That’s accessible for adjusting between coating substances, or for tweaking every cup of latex to reduce overspray.


The Astro comes with a steel (rare at this fee!), 1 quart suction-feed cup. It’s designed plenty higher than other inexpensive cups, with a dripless layout that simply does what it’s supposed to do!


the entirety is included by means of a 1-year warranty.