Properties of Water Soluble Silicone Oil

     Water Soluble Silicone is water soluble solution of silicone. This product is designed to impart water repellency to a wide variety of surfaces. It reacts with carbon dioxide in the air to form water repellent layer. Water Soluble Silicone Oil has reaction activity and a new type textile finishing agent, can be soluble in water and be independently applied to the object to be finished in the form of aqueous solution or be added into the resin finishing work bath. The work bath is stable without emulsion breaking and floating oil.

     Water Soluble Silicone Oil is widely used in daily used chemicals like various electuary, emulsions and shampoos. Hair washed by the shampoo containing the product become loose, soft, full of brightness, and easy to comb.The product can be used for various fabrics in the form of water solution, such as polyester, nylon, cotton, polyester cotton, wool, artificial silk, is capable of remarkably improving the hand feeling of the fabrics with antistatic performance, and reinforcing the washing fastness and stain resistance property of the fabrics.    

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