Unveiling at CES 2018: autoaid’s Automotive Bulb Camera Enables Massive Data Collection for Autonomous Driving

BERLIN--(Organization WIRE)--At CES 2018, Berlin-primarily based commence-up autoaid exhibits for the first time

its patent pending Automotive Bulb Camera. The simple camera method,

which can be retrofitted to practically any auto, is able to collect and

analyze massive quantities of video data from genuine site visitors events. This

information is vital for the further improvement of autonomous driving.

When using the new car lamp, drivers also advantage from cutting edge

help systems.

From the large automobile makers via the tech corporations to

the automotive commence-ups few future-connected topics are given as considerably

interest in the automotive market as autonomous driving. Nonetheless,

prior to the improvement can be advanced to the stage where driving is

completely autonomous, massive quantities of video material of site visitors events

are needed to allow the autonomous driving systems to be appropriately

educated. To resolve this challenge the new camera from autoaid comes into


The autoaid Automotive Bulb Camera is a high-resolution camera which is

integrated into a halogen or LED automotive lamp and is employed in

conventional auto headlight lampholders (e.g H7 or H4). The technique operates

really basically on a plug-and-play basis. Additional adaptation of the automobile for

the purpose of retrofitting is not required. The original visual

look of the vehicle is not altered. As a additional element of

autoaid's new telematics platform, the cameras record all traffic page events

and send them, coupled with the genuine driving behavior such as steering,

braking and accelerating, as nicely as with the geodata, to the autoaid

servers. There, object recognition application identifies the site visitors

participants, visitors lights, indicators and considerably more. The result for the

business is a detailed, nearly inexhaustible volume of information for the

driving behavior of millions of vehicle drivers. From the point of view of

the end buyer the solution also provides desirable retrofittable

safety systems such as http://hoseheads.com/ a lane-keeping assistant or a collision warning


On https://www.myautoaid.com/

you will uncover a teaser video and a press kit about the Automotive Bulb


Moritz Funk is offered at booth 2401 at CES 2018 in Las Vegas for a

private product presentation. autoaid will also be satisfied to answer any

additional concerns by e-mail or telephone.