How to Replace Your Laptop Key without Paying Much More?

What will happen when you are typing on laptop and suddenly the keys stick or laptop stopped showing characters on screen? All of your necessary task will be stopped because having a missing or worn-out key on your laptop can affect your work or business completely, especially when you have one machine to work. When you have more than one laptop for your business, then a missing or damaged key don’t suffer your work. In case of single machine, it becomes necessary to replace the damaged key as soon as possible, so that work would not suffer and it can only be possible by making the replacement task by yourself.

Replacing the laptop keys at home is not a difficult task as people consider it. You should have just a little tech knowledge. And the most important one is making sure that you have any do-it-yourself video guide on how to replace the key before starting the process, so that the repairing cost can be saved and also your work will be started again in few hours instead of waiting for days.

There are ample of websites to buy laptop replacement keys online. For this, you should just search for “replacement laptop keys” or “laptop key replacement” on your desired search engine and open your desired one. After that, select the particular key that should be replaced and order it.

If you do not want to waste your time in searching for a store, then just go for a well known and trusted store i.e. Replacement Laptop Keys. Here, you will be provided with 100% OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) keys that will definitely fit and finish on laptop keyboard in such a manner that no one can understand that which keys are original ones and which of them are the replaced ones. Besides it, they will also provide you with a key replacement kit (that includes ‘key cap’, ‘key retainer clip’ plus ‘rubber cup’) as well as video installation guide to make the DIY replacement process easy and smooth.

Now it’s turn to replace the key. For this, just follow simple steps:

  • First of all shut down your laptop and remove the key cap gently.
  • Now check how the key retainer is adjusted on the base of the key.
  • Adjust the key retainer by pressing it and make sure that its 4 slots are attached to the bottom of the key.
  • Orient the key in such a manner that number is facing in the correct direction.

So, place your order now and get the keys delivered within 1-2 business days by visiting our website.