What should be done When Your Laptop has Damaged Key?

Laptop is a kind of undisputed thing that can no longer be denied. It has made everyone’s life easier whether it is a businessman, serviceman, banker, teacher, student, scientist, technician, web designer, doctor, fashion designer, IT professional or any other. Now, no one can expect his/her work without laptop. But sometimes due to some unexpected reasons, laptop’s parts stopped working, especially keyboard, which makes all the workings stopped. There may be lots of reasons due to which your keyboard & its keys stopped working like:

  • The crust could be damage located under the key
  • Loose keyboard connector
  • Lodging of particles beneath the keys

The simple answer when key fails is “replace the particular key”. At that time, a self-fixing is pretty productive that will save your time as well as money as compared to bringing your laptop to a technician because a technician takes a long time replace the key. In case of a damaged key, it’s not a bad idea to check the companies from internet that provides replacement parts for laptops under many brands and models and some of them are even specialized in replacing keys. For this you should just Google “keyboard keys” + “your laptop’s specific make & model” and you will be provided with lots of options.

Here are some easy steps to replace the laptop key that anyone can do.

  • The first thing you have to do is to remove the old/damaged key & its internal parts
  • Now insert the hinge underneath the key in such a manner that it has been locked into the place perfectly
  • Insert the top of the key into the slot
  • Press the key firmly & it will spring up after you remove your finger

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