Key point for high pressure steel pipe installation

Key point for high pressure steel pipe installation

Requirements of high pressure steel pipes' installation is similar with low pressure pipe's. However, as steel pipes supplier, for instance, seamless steel pipe, ERW steel pipe, ssaw steel pipe, Threewaysteel pipe company knows that there are detailed difference should be pay attention to for the installation of high pressure pipe's installation.


First of all, fittings, fasteners and valves should be checked before the steel pipes installation. As far as concerned, we know that these parts may be ignored, however, they are important part during the whole installation.

Second, relative technical files should be transported properly to the scene for guidance of the installation. As we all know, even for engineers, they should follow the instruction in the explanation to have the right installation in special places.

In addition, inner and out surface should be clean up before the installation. Clear parts would have a better adhesiveness for the steel pipes.  

Finally, high-pressure pipe through the threaded part of the inspection and approval, in addition to the provisions of decreasing pipe, but also painted protective agent to protect graphite or molybdenum distressful lubricant delivery.