Benefits of Using Wheel Chairs In Philadelphia And Montgomery County

It is indeed unfortunate to see a well respected, intelligent individual turn into a senior citizen with limited abilities. Age affects every person with most of them being dependent on their family and care givers for common, everyday activities. Life is indeed unfair but one must try to deal with the problems in the best manner possible. There are a number of senior care products available today that can actually reduce the burden of the care provider substantially. The elderly individual is greatly relieved not to be embarrassed unexpectedly too. It is no wonder therefore that the baby boomer generation just cannot do without the novel senior care products that make them feel in charge once again.

Incontinence is an issue that most people are embarrassed to talk about. The elderly are at a loss to control the urge and end up fouling the bedclothes as well as the clothes. Simply staying put in that condition is no solution though. It might prove to be hazardous on the contrary. Purchasing a number of quality pads that happen to be highly absorbent and succeed in keeping the seniors totally dry are much in demand. The intimate pads belonging to the brand of Tena Serenity in Kennett Square and Glen Mills are bought by the dozen on a daily basis.

The elderly women are pleased to use this particular product as it keeps them secure and allows them to go out at will without any fear of soiling their garments. There is no anxiety about the pad getting displaced either as it is held in position by means of an adhesive strip. The best part of utilizing the thin and highly absorbent pads is the comfort it brings to the elderly individual. It is shaped for the female form and does not pose any problem even when worn for long hours. The pads also eliminate the stinking odor thus making the user content and happy.

Many  seniors lose the ability to walk with age and even moving around within a room becomes challenging. The physical therapists and doctors recommend using wheelchairs for transportation causing the concerned individual to find relief from pain. Buying or leasing one of the best wheel chairs in Philadelphia and Montgomery County is no hardship though.  Most customers can choose to have it delivered to the doorstep after selecting the right model online.

Advantages of using a wheel chair

Mobility- This goes without saying. A senior person on the wrong side of 70 is often plagued with arthritis and hip problems which compromise the mobility severely. The wheelchair can come as a Godsend making it easy to move around one’s home comfortably and lead a normal life again.

Comfort – Trying to walk is likely to cause an elderly person to limp or hobble. This is painful indeed. Being comfortably seated in a wheel chair can help to lessen the pain substantially thus improving the health condition while not affecting the independence.

Taking part in social activities and entertaining friends and family members becomes possible when one has the aid of a wheel chair too.