Underage Drinking Issues And Options

Underage Drinking Issues And Options

Underage drinking is common within the U.S. Alcohol abuse is a problem among some young people. We need to make use of effective options.


I. The Concern

II. A solution

III. The reality

V. Alcohol Abuse

The excellent news. The best alcohol abuse preventive measures are often the simplest. They're also economical. And alcohol addiction can use lots of them.

The unhealthy news. Ineffective programs for underage drinking are the preferred, by far. Many are even counterproductive. They're worse than doing nothing.

I. The Concern: Underage Drinking

Quite a few organizations have the better of intentions. Their founders sought to scale back underage drinking. In other cases, present teams began to address their concern. Together, they include these groups.

Middle on Addiction and Substance Abuse (CASA).
Alcohol Justice (Formerly the Marin Institute. And earlier the Marin Institute for the Prevention of Alcohol and Other Drug Problems.).
Center on Alcohol Advertising and Youth (CAMY).
Robert Wooden Johnson Foundation.( It created and funded over two dozen teams.).
Center for Science in the public Interest (CSPI).
Office of Alcohol and Different Drug Abuse.
alcoholic for Substance Abuse Prevention (CSAP).
Drug Abuse Resistance Education (DARE).


It is pure when preventing a problem to exaggerate its extent. For instance, concern over kidnapped kids led to exaggerating the number of kids concerned. The implication was at all times that they were kidnapped by strangers and met horrible fates, together with loss of life. In reality, nearly all kidnapped youngsters are taken by a parent not entitled to custody. That's not good. However it is not hundreds of thousands of kids being kidnapped, molested and killed.

And the examples are almost limitless. Concern about an issue leads to exaggeration. The exaggerated story takes on a life of its personal. Even when false.

Underage Drinking and Alcohol Abuse

All of the groups listed above, plus dozens of others, are concerned about underage drinking . They all see it as a serious downside. All of them want to prevent it.

These teams usually wa