The Devastation in our Neighborhood

Yesterday Nepal suffered through the worst earthquake in last 80 years; and it still continues to suffer as today morning it again felt 6 trembles. Official reports from the government of Nepal have shown that approximately 1910 people have died so far. Since it is the government figure, the toll taken by this catastrophe can be even worse. We learn today morning that the rescue teams from US and UK have reached Nepal. India being the closest powerful country is aware of its moral responsibility in helping its neighboring friend. The government has already sent an airplane to help the Nepali nationals to emerge from this tragedy. I felt immense pain after listening to the news reports coming from Nepal. India is the safe haven for many Nepalis (Gurkhas and army men) who have been loyally serving the Indians for years together. From the Indian side, many nature lovers and tourists visit Nepal every year. The biggest Shiva temple in the world (Pashupatinath) is also situated in Nepal, which is of great importance for the thousands of Indian Hindus. The morning reports that came in today showed that the temple has also suffered damages. The whole picture of the situation in Nepal is indeed depressing. But India being Nepal’s closest ally will do everything possible to help it to come out of this mess. Prime Minister Modi has all knowledge of the responsibilities that he shoulders. In his visit to Nepal Modi had mentioned that when Nepal goes through tuff times, India also feels the pain. Now it is time to prove those words true. And I am confident that Mister Prime Minister will do all that he can do in his capacity to help the people of Nepal.


“In the time of chaos, true friends suffer together to help each other”.