Best Twisty Glass Blunt

Posted by garrettkfrk323, 1 year ago



For tobacco smokers, this is the best companion! Mini Glass Blunt's easy refill design saves you at least 5-10 minutes which is how long it takes to roll tobacco. Together with the Mini Glass Blunt (Glass Blunt Pipe) just release the glass tube, fill up, set the corkscrew and cap back on and you're good to go. All in just 60 seconds. Mini Glass Blunt's aluminum corkscrew also acts as a heatsink to provide you with a 30% cooler hit which makes it ideal for cigarette and cigar smokers.

Keep things easy with the Mini Glass Blunt. It allows you to easily fill up and conveniently hold up to 1.5 grams of herbs indoors while the aluminum screw can help you evenly disperse the contents inside the tube.

The glass tubing is very easy to clean and helps to keep things fitter for you. Twist the copper base and the corkscrew also pushes burnt herbs from the tube for easy disposal.


- Comes with two cleaning brushes

- Contains 3 silicone caps

- Contains 2 "O" rings

- Contains 2 glass tubes

- Twister Glass Blunt's compact size makes it quite simple to keep in your pocket, bag or pouch.

- Copper and glass construction materials will last a lifetime.

- Comes in Black, Gold, Rose Gold, Gray, Silver, and Multicolor.

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