Is It Possible to Replace Dell Laptop Keys without the Help of Any Technician?

‘Dell’ is an America based multinational computer technology company that develops, sells as well as repairs computer & its related products. The name ‘Dell’ was fixed after its founder name – “Michael Dell” who firstly created its own brand of computer in 1984 at the starting price of $795. And in 1989s, he created his own laptop. Till now, it has become the fastest growing device in the computer market.

Today, most of us are totally depend upon laptop no matter for which purpose whether it is business, hospitals, fashion designing, web designing, college, schools, or any other. We use laptop for each of our small to big task, but its excessive usage damages some of its parts before its time, especially keyboard. Keyboard is one such part without which no work is possible to do. At that time, it becomes urgency to take the appropriate step. In the earlier days, people used to replace the whole keyboard even when a single key got damaged due to the lack of single key replacement facility. But oppose to it, now a days, it is possible to replace only 1, 2 or any count of keys that you wish by yourselves.

However, dealing with broken or damaged key is not a task of fun. But, by concentrating on some of the basic things, you can do it with joy. Keep reading this post and you will learn how easy it is to replace the key without the help of any technician or any specialized tool:

How to Find a Replacement Key:

The first step towards the key replacement is to find the right replacement key for your laptop. However, there are lots of stores (whether online or local) that supply replacement keys whether it is Apple, Samsung, Lenovo, Asus, Acer, Sony or Dell replacement keys, but all of them do not provide the original ones at reasonable prices. Make Google search and compare the stores based on their quality, originality and price; after that choose the right one. Also make sure that you have chosen the right key according to your laptop’s model number.

How to Replace the Key:

After purchasing the replacement key, now it is the turn to do the replacement task. For more precise instructions on how to replace the keys, you can check online. But instead of wasting the time on searching instructions, you are advised to choose one such store that provides the video installation guide along with keys so that you can do the replacement task by sitting at home like Replacement Laptop Keys. It is the only store in Lake Forest that sells 100% OEM keys with full video guide. Here are some simple steps for key replacement if you don’t want guidance through videos:

  • Unplug the power
  • Remove the key cap you want to replace
  • Insert the key retainer on the same place from where the previous one has been removed
  • Now insert the key pad into the retainer
  • After that fix the key cap over the retainer within the proper orientation and press its all corners firmly.