Top major products exported from India in 2016-17

Posted by cybex, 1 year ago

India is exporting numerous basic items to different countries and the outside business sectors are dynamic with Indian items. The Exports have helped the development of Indian economy significantly and Indian exports in the present year have earned almost US $ 260 billion and are required to win the US $ 280 billion for the following monetary year. The major products exported from India as the significant exports results of India incorporate medical appliances, leather,hardware, textiles etc.

There are listed major products exported from India in 2016-17

•    Pharmaceutical Products
•    Leather Products
•    Cotton
•    Iron and Steel
•    Coffee, Tea, Mate and Spices
•    Miscellaneous Chemical Products
•    Organic Chemicals
•    Articles Of Irons and Steel
•    Cereals
•    Plastic and Articles thereof
•    Ships, Boats and Floating Structure
•    Aluminium and Articles thereof
•    Footwear, Gaiters
•    Copper and Articles thereof
•    Rubber and Articles thereof
•    Meat and Edible Meat Offal
•    Other Made Up Textiles; Sets; Worn Clothing and Worn Textiles Article; Rags

Some of the major products exported from India in 2016-17 discussed on here: 

Leather Goods: 

Leather merchandise is one among the significant export results of India. Exporting the goods India has turned into the leader in sending out leather products and accomplices to various parts of the world. India has the primary leather things incorporate; leather packs,belts, leather pockets, purses etc. Another hand the gift things like key rings, leather diaries, and leather secured notepads have an immense request in outside countries. There is various little scale and substantial scale elements in India which are continually occupied with exporting out leather products to out of the country.

Medical Appliances:

India exports most of the Indian made medical appliances are acclaimed for quality and assortment in the majority of the remote countries. The major portion of the basic medicinal apparatuses incorporates permeable cloth, clean gloves surgical face veils, surgical tops crepe swathes and other clinical disposables. The extraordinary restorative apparatuses, for example, child hatcheries, air ionizers' and advanced imaging software are additionally having a decent market in the vast majority of the outside countries. There are various organizations in little scale and substantial scale which are given in trading medicinal appliances and extras.


The product exported makes the solid economy and the Indian export market has helped the development of Indian economy in a year ago. The major products exported from India, the exports contribute around 4% to India's gross financial yield. India is trading numerous fundamental products to different nations and remote markets are resolved with Indian products. Indian Export market has earned about USD 260 billion last in the year 2016-17.