SEO - Link Building -What You Must Know

LINK BUILDING AS A PART OF THE OFFPAGE OPTIMIZATION The link building or link also is part of search engine optimization, specifically the Offpage optimization. It describes the intentional er mocking the, which own the links Web page. Goal is to bring more visitors to your own website. Superficially but also to its link popularity increasing and achieving a better placement in the search engines.

This succeeds but only if one has a natural link building and working with the right keywords. Theres no point if it is linked with a wrong word, because then the search engines bring the Web page with the link not in combination. Here you can divide the link structure in two areas: in the organic link building and the free for all link building. The organic link building course and describes links such as guest contributions, FFA links are for example social bookmarks, social media, or article directories, which are usually free of charge.



First, one should not exaggerate in link building. At the beginning, very few links enough per month or maximum 2 a day. If you suddenly 200 new links on the day, then this is very noticeable for Google then Google assumes that oneself has set the links. On the other hand, it might as well of course, that man has published a very good and interesting content and thats why all these have split. As you can see, you can push the link structure in no clear structure. A structure would unnatural, especially when every day is the same 200 links with same on anchor text. There a different problem is visible: at the beginning it is not bad only on the homepage link, but later it should involve also the subpages link building so that the link power is distributed. This should be sure always that vary on anchor texts, so the link text. Link collections or the footer links are also not good. Better you can link from a text or described as a recommendation. Reciprocal links in link building are also not welcomed. A reciprocal linking is striking and can be evaluated negatively. A good distribution in the link building works best and leaves the most natural picture.


Authority links (article links from trusted sites) Link building through entries in forums Blog posts Link building through entries in business books Entries in question reply portals Articles from press-portals Link building through Web catalogs The distribution of links is crucial here. Best links from authorities are following of Forum entries of course. At least from web galleries, thats why this special should be selected according to subject matter and PR.


Link buying is also now to the link building online marketing activities. Many SEOs assume that you get free links, but the reality is unfortunately often others. Who wants to be represented in the top ranking, must invest something. Although the rule here is: let time not to be punished. Its no use, if you buy several strong links with PR 7 for a new page. You should first wait for the own page is slightly more and then start the link building The fast-growing market and the permanent updates of the search engines make it not very easy link buying. You have the pages from which you purchase the link, check very carefully. The power of the paid links should be transferred to the separate page. There are some good tools with which one can check whether the page will also continue to have visibility, a high PR and how many outgoing links has the page at all. These are all important factors for a successful link building.

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