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Clairissime created precisely for mixed-race and dark skinned people that want results immediately. Clairissime does what it says it will do and works rapidly towards the same, clear skin along with an extreme whitening serum, to possess a milky, light complexion. Every product in the Clairissime range offer seperately individual merits and in concert with and separately regardless of which products you combine inside the range. The product range is created to have calming and moisturizing effects on all skin variations. It helps in retaining healthy moisture levels and balance with gentle effectiveness. Clairissime is a trusted name inside the ethno cosmetic range and being used by millions around the globe.


Clairissime operates to reduce imperfections in darker skin variations that could make an obvious difference rapidly. Skins become clear, satiny, and lighter, whilst it remains oil-free with its non-greasy action. Clairissime was designed to reduce imperfections drastically and appropriate for everyday use. The Clear Complexion Lotion by way of example has additional benefits to help with diminishing of pigmentation irregularities and dark patches on skins. It is formulated to getting a smooth, clear, and clean skin within a short time, leaving skins beautifully protected and moisturized without having to be oily.


Clairissime is the outcome of years of intense study to obtain great results on dark and mixed race skins. Incredible results are achieved with gentle, yet effective results. Both men ladies skins benefit with the products range and sometimes even people who have probably the most sensitive skins gain incredible results. It is furthermore gentle sufficient to use day-after-day. By utilizing a complete range, from soaps, lotions, serums, oils and more adds to its effective results, no matter how you could also apply it safely along side other products.


Clairissime includes a wide selection that works in conjunction towards fast and proven results. Body Clear Complexion Lotion, Clairissime Clear Complexion Serum with Ubiquinone, Clairissime Clear Complexion Tube cream, exfoliating shower gel with scrub particles, extreme bio whitening night serum are amongst some of the Clairissime product range. Creams, serums, lotions, cleansers, oils, toners, soaps day creams, night creams and more are in this trusted range. Individually and together, the products in the range are non-greasy, leaving skins deeply and intensively nourished, while promoting a whiter, smoother, and satiny soft skin.

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