Considerations For Buying Wheel Chairs In Philadelphia And Montgomery County

Being admitted in a hospital or having to deal with severe illness or disability can have a negative effect on the patient’s psyche. The family members as well as friends will try to instill confidence in the concerned individual by taking all the necessary steps. Sourcing specific devices required for treating the patient can become mandatory at times.

This is no cause to panic though. Sure, the complex and durable medical equipment in Paoli and Kennett Square can be a trifle expensive but the top companies selling or leasing them makes it convenient for the patients to get the right device at cost effective rates. Many of the top medical equipment companies do not hesitate to repair the defective parts or replace them as and when needed too. Handling the gear safely and effectively in order to maximize the well being of the patient takes precedence here making the dealers of medical equipment provide the right instruction and organize fitting sessions in accordance with the requirement.

Meeting with an accident and injuring the lower limb can seriously affect one’s mobility though. However, it is the senior citizens who experience trouble with their legs and hips, often necessitating the use of wheel chairs in Philadelphia and Montgomery County. Buying the aid is not easy though as the family members often have no idea about a wheelchair let alone the types and the advantages it offers. It is important to consider the pros and cons carefully therefore. Taking the help an experienced dealer or a health care professional will help one to make an informed choice, however.

The parameters that needs to be kept in mind happen to be:

Comfort- The time spent in the wheel chair is of utmost importance. The buyer needs to ensure that seat is comfortable enough and will not chaff or injure the patient by causing sores to appear on the frail and weakened body. Many individuals opt for custom seats that are created for use of a specific individual. However, majority of the top brands are good enough for daily use unless the patient requires special features.

Types of Wheel Chair Commonly Used

  • Manual – This happens to be the commonest form of wheel chairs utilized today. It contains four wheels with a pair of smaller wheels in the front and the two bigger ones behind. It is perfect for individuals who have full use of their arms and can manipulate the wheels to move forwards. The handles can be used by a care giver to propel the user towards the destination. 

  • Power- These are for individuals who are bereft of strength or are disabled. They are unable to propel a standard wheel chair by means of their arm due to weakened muscles. This type of equipment makes use of electrical power and can be controlled completely by the user. It is a bit more expensive than the manual form but more advantageous for people who are reluctant to give up their independence.

People suffering from specific conditions that have resulted in loss of mobility may require a specialty wheel chair depending on the severity of the condition.