Chicago Event Club

Chicago Event Club

Chicago Event Planners Club is a local organization in Chicago. Our offices are centrally located in Chicago.

Bust a move while listening to the city’s top DJs at the best nightclubs and dance clubs in Chicago

When DJs Ron Hardy and Frankie Knuckles started spinning a new breed of disco music built from bass and drum machines in Chicago dance clubs more than three decades ago, they established the city as a hub of dance culture.

Adjacent shopping and dining areas, most notably Downtown Disney and Universal City Walk Hollywood, go into night mode with lots of family options, including entertainment. But grownup options have a sizzle all their own.

While some of the city’s most legendary clubs have been turned into restaurants, there are still plenty of places to hear dance music in Chicago (we even have entire summer music festivals devoted to electronic acts and DJs).
If you’re looking for a place to cut loose, enjoy some bottle service and show off your moves, get in line at the best nightclubs and dance clubs in Chicago.

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