Forwarding Hotmail To Any Other Email Account

sep by step instructions to change from to Hotmail [How-To Guide] is another free web email service by Microsoft expected to supplant Hotmail. Utilizing should be possible by making another account or upgrading your current Hotmail record to In the event that you have utilized and chosen you need to return to Hotmail, that should be possible effortlessly. This guide demonstrates to you proper methodologies to do it. 

Before we being, observe going from Hotmail to does not change your email address. This implies in the event that you made a new e-mail, that email will remain with you when you go to Hotmail; on the off chance that you changed over your Hotmail record to, you will in any case hold the same Hotmail email when you return. 

Likewise, downsizing from to Hotmail does not bring about loss of information. All your messages, contacts, envelopes, and so on are changed over with you. The main thing that progressions while going from to Hotmail is the UI; you get the old Hotmail inbox and includes back. 

Lastly, if you were compelled to move up to from Hotmail, you cannot revert back to Hotmail. Going from to Hotmail is just for those individuals that deliberately updated. 

UPDATE: It looks like Microsoft is never again enabling individuals to return to Hotmail from Sorry individuals — you are screwed over thanks to, you can't change back! 


The accompanying are the means you have to take to secret your record to Hotmail: 

Note: To expand any pictures underneath, basically tap on them. 

Login to 

Once signed in, you will be taken to your inbox. From that point tap on the apparatus symbol situated close to the upper right corner: 

Tapping on the apparatus symbol will open a menu. From that menu click on Switch back to Hotmail: 

Next you will be provoked with a message requesting criticism. In the event that you need to give input, click on Send criticism; generally, click on Skip criticism: 


In the event that you picked to send criticism, you will be solicited an arrangement from inquiries after which you will be taken to Hotmail; in the event that you selected to not send input, you will be taken straightforwardly to Hotmail: 

Exchanging amongst Hotmail and is simple and dotTech's two guides How To Upgrade From Hotmail to Outlook.comand How To Switch from to Hotmail make the procedure considerably simpler because of our well ordered bearings with screen captures. So go, wander into the universe of Microsoft email without dread of perpetual change. Appreciate!