Windows Live Hotmail – How To Close A Hotmail Account


A Hotmail compose record must be shut by a legitimate Windows Live ID proprietor 

Conclusion requires utilization of the Windows Live 'Close Your Account' apparatus 

Conclusion asks for are just concluded following 9 months (270 days) of latency 

Foundation Information: 

Because of security reasons just substantial holders of a Windows Live ID can close a Hotmail account 

Hotmail compose accounts are of the shape –,, and other nation particular subsidiaries of the same or comparable area (e.g.,, and so on.) Note: The terms 'Hotmail record' and 'Hotmail compose account' are utilized reciprocally in this article (they are one and the same) 

Record conclusion happens in stages (conclusion ask for, message expulsion from the Hotmail server, refusal of approaching mail to the Hotmail server, and inevitable/last conclusion 'following' 270 long stretches of idleness/utilization of the record) 

Shutting a Hotmail write account does not close a Windows Live ID account. The Windows Live ID record will be erased following 365 long periods of dormancy. 

The strategy demonstrated to beneath in the Proper methodologies To: isn't pertinent for outsider email tends to enlisted as a Live ID 

The strategy demonstrated to underneath in the Best practices To: isn't material to membership based records (Hotmail Plus or MSN Premium/Premier) until the point that the record is dropped and changed over to a free Hotmail write account (contact Customer Service to drop the membership and change over the record to a free Hotmail compose account). 

Step by step instructions to: 

1. To Close a Hotmail compose account get to the 'Nearby Your Account' apparatus by first marking in utilizing the record's Windows Live ID username and secret key (see underneath picture). 

The url address for the 'Nearby Your Account' device is: 


2. After 'Sign in' tap the 'Nearby your Account' choice 


Note the multi day required latency (ensuing utilization of the Hotmail record will drop the conclusion ask for and reactivate the record) 

3. Once the record conclusion ask for is prepared, the client will get the accompanying brief 


4. From that point Do Not Use the Account for 270 days since utilization of the record will reactivate the Hotmail compose account, invalidate the first conclusion ask for and require the legitimate record holder to rehash the whole record conclusion process. 


The Windows Live ID related with the Hotmail record won't be shut following 270 long periods of record idleness 

The Windows Live ID related with a Hotmail record might be erased following 365 long periods of latency from the date of a substantial record conclusion ask. (Following 365 days the Live ID username might be accessible for your or another's utilization. Fyi – the term 'might be accessible' ought not be translated in the outright sense). 

The 'Nearby Your Account' discourse box says that a Hotmail email address might be accessible for reuse following 270 long stretches of inertia. Since it takes 365 days (or significantly more) for a Live ID (likewise your email address) to be erased it would appear to be far fetched that 'accessible for reuse' has any reasonable importance until no less than 365 long stretches of dormancy. 

(Note: proofreader/winston) This area 'Supplemental Information: What Not To Do' was incorporated for one essential reason. Looking through the web (Google, Bing, and so on) yields an assortment of articles with bearings clarifying 'How to close a hotmail account' – while some are legitimate, excessively numerous have not been refreshed with current information (multi day latency prerequisite – some reference 120 days; indicating the Live ID account data page – reason clarified underneath; not separating or clarifying the distinction between a Hotmail account, Live ID account as well as outsider Live ID accounts)