LED Flood Lights -- Tips To Install Them

LED Flood Lights -- Tips To Install Them

You have recently purchased few LED flood lights for either a commercial or a personal property and suspecting how hard it is to install the LED flood lights. Or, how many electricians you would need as contractors to get the work done. Well, your concern is genuine because installation of certain lighting fixtures is not that easy. But, you can be assured of the fact that installing LED flood lights won’t be a problem especially, if more than one option is given to you.  


Before you begin to take the installation process,make sure you pay attention to even the minor details such as the improper fixing of the pole or the angle at which the LED flood lights are mounted. Even a small displacement from the angle that LED flood lights may be installed, will cause a big difference in the light output that you get over your target area. Often, the LED flood light poles when installed as a replacement against the existing fixtures, the existing holes may not be sealed and that may cause water to get inside the pole and the underground electrical fittings or wirings which can cause hazards later and this despite the LED flood lights being durable and highly efficient. Hence, you must make some efforts before commencing the installation process.             


There are other considerations too to be be kept in mind before getting into the process of installation and those are --

  • After you unpack the product having purchased from the supplier, check the product carefully for any damage done to the product. If damaged, return the product as it is.

  • If it’s not possible for you to try your hands at installation, contact a qualified electrician.    

  • Never ever hand over the LED flood light fixture to an unprofessional.

  • Make sure if you do not keep any LED flood light upside down when in use or during the installation process.


There are particularly three installation methods that you should pay attention to and follow the one that suits you most.  


Let’s look into each one, one by one.

The installation tips -- LED flood lights


The horizontal installation method


You must first open the holes provided on the fixture and then adjust the body of the lamp in order to get the desired angle of the light. Then, make a connection of ‘blue’ wire to the ‘L’ and ‘brown’’wire to the ‘N’ of mains supply. Then, also connect the yellow-green wire to the ground wire.

Once you know that you have made  all the right connections, switch on the power (assuming that you took enough care to switch off the power before beginning the installation process).  


The vertical installation method


You must make an incision at the holes in the wall and install the LED flood lights on the wall. With the expansion screws mounted, try to fix the LED flood lights with the nut locking system on the wall. Adjust the lamp body for the desired light angle. Next, make a connection of blue wire to the ‘L’ of mains and brown wire to the ‘N’ of mains, with yellow-green wire to the ground wire.

Confirm all the connections, if done rightly. Switch on the power.


The PIR installation method


You must make holes in the wall through a drilling machine and install the LED floodlights. With the expansion screws mounted, try to fix the LED flood lights with nut locks into the wall.Then, make a connection -- blue wire to the ‘L’ and brown wire to the ‘N’ of mains. And, finally the yellow-green wire to the ground wire.

Confirm all the connections made and then get ready to switch on the power.


The final word

Well, didn’t that sound easy as mentioned earlier? Many electricians though will make it look complicated and you may incur a heavy charge on the work which is quite a simple installation. Choose any one tip out of the three and you will be done with the installation of LED flood lights.