Celebrate The Royal Wedding At Home With Authentic English Fare, Pt. 4

Did you know that you can order the best barbecue online right from the comfort of your own home? Over the years there has been some down right serious arguments about what makes the best barbecue. Is it in the meat? Oh, no it's in the sauce. Maybe it's the cooking process. Is slow roasted the best? How many years does it take for you to become an expert at making the best barbecue?

For lamb to fall off the bone, it needs to be slow cooked slow cooked leg of lamb asian in the oven for at least 3-4 hours. Because I'm at work all day, I don't feel that it's safe leaving the oven on. Enter the slow cooker, it's a great way to get a flavourful cooked meal with minimal preparation. I feel that this is the fastest and most efficient way to have a hearty and flavoursome dinner prepared in just 20 mins. The catch is that while you are work, your dinner is cooking away, ready when you come home.

Are you a huge soup lover? Well with your slow cooked leg of lamb cooker probably you won't choose to ever open up a can of soup again. You certainly want to try such absolute favorites like Chicken Tortilla Soup or even Roast Tomato-Basil soup. Simple slow cooker recipes for a pot of soup are really fabulous and offer something for all. There's always those original absolute favorites of Manhattan clam chowder, New England clam chowder or Easy Corn Chowder.

Working in the restaurant industry, I have seen my fair share slow cooker leg of lamb stuffing recipes. Some were really good, like maple roasted garlic and pecan stuffing, while others were terrible, like sausage and whatever you could find, to bind it together stuffing. When you have the pleasure of working with Executive Chefs, you figure out early on, that some are collecting a paycheck, while others really love food and are genuine in conveying that to the public. In my years working for a local restaurant, there were just a few Executive Chefs, that I completely respected. I instinctively knew who, I should pay attention to, and who I should give lip service to. I learned valuable information relating to Thanksgiving, in all those years.

5 Make double Sweet leg of lamb offers aldi Sour Sauce. Use it one night to make Sweet and Sour Chicken Recipe and for a vegetarian option, make Baked Butternut with the same sauce - this sounds unusual but is delicious.

Put all ingredients in a plastic bowl with a lid. Pour Low Carb Italian Dressing over all the vegetables until lightly covered. About 1/2-1 cup or so. Put lid on and shake to coat vegetables. Refrigerate at least 1 hour or overnight.